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No Clubbing? No Problem. - Bristols Alternative Guide to Nightlife

At university, there is an undeniable pressure to go clubbing. Regretful spending of student loans, missed lectures and too many takeaways all usually come when mixed with regular nights out. Whilst we’re not discouraging a night out on the tiles, we all need a break sometimes and we know it’s not for everyone; here are 5 alternatives to clubbing in Bristol that are just as enjoyable as a night out

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Stay Warm This Winter Without Touching the Heating

It’s the time of year when temperatures fall and heating bills rise! Whilst winter officially starts on the 21st December, with sub-zero temperatures affecting Bristol already, here at Digs we’re saying it’s already started!

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Our Top Tips For a Stress Free Trip Home This Christmas

If you’re a student, there’s no doubt you will be heading back home soon to spend the festive period with your family and friends. Travel over the Christmas periods, be it by train, car or bus can be stressful and expensive without proper planning.

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Ensure You Get Your Full Housing Deposit Back

Before moving into your student house, you will be required to put down a deposit. This deposit is essentially a way of assuring your landlord or letting agency that if anything is broken, damaged or stained – they have guaranteed funds in place to fix it.

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Top Tips To Make Your Student Life A Little Easier

The new term has begun, and whether you’re a first year student leaving home for the first time, or a seasoned third year – we could all use a little helping hand from time to time.

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Top Tips to Stop Procrastinating & Start Studying

If you're struggling with exam revision and coursework, you're not alone. Check out our top tips to beat procrastination here

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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Student?

If you haven't already it's time to find & secure your student rental property. We've compiled a few of our top thoughts together to help you get started.

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Top Tips to Budget Whilst at University

One of the main stresses we see amongst students here at DIGS is financial worries. Therefore, it is worth thinking about ways to make your money last so we’ve compiled a few of our top tips to get you started.

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What and Why You Need a Guarantor

Whether in prep for your second or third year, you’ll need to start the process of house hunting asap. This month we thought we’d tackle the world of guarantor’s & explain all.

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How to Survive an All Nighter. Don't Do It

Exam Season is just around the corner. But so is Christmas. From the obvious to the unexpected, find out exactly why you shouldn't fall into the trap of All-Nighters

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Bristol Freshers Prepare For 2017/18 Housing

Find out how we offered our advice & assistance to University Students looking for Housing for the next academic year. Read more below or get in touch

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Further Enhancements to Student Digs Customer Care

At Bristol Digs we have a particularly strong customer service ethos. We believe in looking after both our landlords and our tenants’ best interests.

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The Bristol Digs Guide to Student Discounts

There are a host of discount cards available to use both instore and online. We’ve picked our top contenders which we believe you’ll benefit the most from.

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Bristol Digs Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Revision

Struggling with exam revision? Whether a university or college student, studying is a full time job so we’ve pulled together our top tips to help.

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10 Questions Students Should Ask When Moving House

The first year at University has eased you into adult life; almost. Your time tables are thin with lectures and full with socials, and living in halls has meant that you live stress free thanks to all included bills, on site security, handy maintenance, and housing regulations put in place by the University.

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How to get your deposit back

Want to save yourself some money?
Check out our short and simple 'how to' return your property flick.
Following our top tips will help you to get your cash back; it’s a simple guide to help you get your deposit back and stop you losing money.

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Guide for first time renters

Need some advice before taking the plunge? Finding a place to rent for the first time can often be daunting. Here are a few tips to settle your mind. 

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Why we want to live in a new build by the harbourside

New homes by the waterfront are in increasingly high demand. Abode offers an insight as to why new builds in Bristol by the harbourside, like the Finzels Reach development, are so popular. 

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