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Should I Take My Car to Bristol University?

A question we’re regularly asked by students when looking at accommodation whilst studying for a degree in Bristol is ‘should I bring my car with me?’ At first thought, it may seem like a great idea, offering freedom, easy transport home and being able to have a lie in before driving to campus.

However, expensive running costs, lack of parking and the risk of becoming a personal taxi service to your housemates should all be taken into account. 

Check out our top considerations when deciding whether to take your car to university or not in our latest blog.

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The Student Guide to Getting Around Bristol

Moving into a new city can be a daunting prospect for several reasons, but knowing how to get around shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re a student that’s new to Bristol, brushing up on your transport links before term starts will make getting to and from university a doddle.

Read on to discover the best and most popular Bristol transport methods for students, taking into consideration the benefits and drawbacks in terms of cost, convenience and accessibility.

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7 Reasons We Love Bristol

It’s not surprising that Bristol was named best place to live in Britain in 2017. From its thriving and upbeat city centre and nightlife all the way down to its calm and quiet vibe by the harbour, it is a perfect place for nearly anyone to live.

Research shows that the better you fit into the personality of your area, the happier you are. Maybe that’s why Bristol is such a friendly place to be. However, we’ve came up with a few reasons on why we think Bristol should most definitely be your new home, particularly whilst studying.

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7 University Societies You will be Surprised to Find

Are you starting university this September? If so, joining a society might be high on your list. But we bet you couldn’t have imagined the variety available. Check out our blog for more

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Around Bristol

Bristol is by far one of the most exciting, fast moving cities and boasts some truly magnificent architecture (old and new), along with several new developments including a brand new shopping centre in the heart of the city, Bristol is getting bigger and better by the day!

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10 facts you did not know about Clifton

Think you know everything there is to know about Clifton? Abode's property managers have been undercover investigating 10 things about Clifton you didn't know!

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Your Bristol

The city that's made up of an eclectic series of districts. Whether you are an eco-friendly animal rights supporter or a sharp-suited investment banker - or both - you will definitely find your place in Bristol.

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