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How to Survive an All Nighter. Don't Do It

Exam Season is just around the corner. But so is Christmas. From the obvious to the unexpected, find out exactly why you shouldn't fall into the trap of All-Nighters

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Bristol Freshers Prepare For 2017/18 Housing

Find out how we offered our advice & assistance to University Students looking for Housing for the next academic year. Read more below or get in touch

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Further Enhancements to Student Digs Customer Care

At Bristol Digs we have a particularly strong customer service ethos. We believe in looking after both our landlords and our tenants’ best interests.

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The Bristol Digs Guide to Student Discounts

There are a host of discount cards available to use both instore and online. We’ve picked our top contenders which we believe you’ll benefit the most from.

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7 University Societies You will be Surprised to Find

Are you starting university this September? If so, joining a society might be high on your list. But we bet you couldn’t have imagined the variety available. Check out our blog for more

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Bristol Digs Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Revision

Struggling with exam revision? Whether a university or college student, studying is a full time job so we’ve pulled together our top tips to help.

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10 Questions Students Should Ask When Moving House

The first year at University has eased you into adult life; almost. Your time tables are thin with lectures and full with socials, and living in halls has meant that you live stress free thanks to all included bills, on site security, handy maintenance, and housing regulations put in place by the University.

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Right to Rent - are you ready?

From the 1st February all landlords must thoroughly check that their tenants have a right to rent an abode in the UK according to new rules. Click below to find out what you need to put in place.

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Around Bristol

Bristol is by far one of the most exciting, fast moving cities and boasts some truly magnificent architecture (old and new), along with several new developments including a brand new shopping centre in the heart of the city, Bristol is getting bigger and better by the day!

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