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Further Enhancements to Student Digs Customer Care

Further Enhancements to Student Digs’ Customer Care

At Bristol Digs we have a particularly strong customer service ethos. We believe in looking after both our landlords and our tenants’ best interests.

This attitude, and our successes in doing so, has enabled us to make a name for ourselves amongst Bristol’s vibrant student and professional population.

But as any good business knows, there is always room for improvement. And what better place to start then chatting to our own staff?

The Bristol Digs Family Take a Day Off!

At Digs, we consider every employee as integral members of the team; each with important parts in ensuring the letting agency team continues to tick over. Forming part of our close-knit group, valued individuals are continuously well trained.

But, after 5 years of tremendous growth the management team decided it was time to take a breather, have a day of reflection and look at what we had done well. Equally, it was a chance to look at where improvements could potentially be made. 

A meeting room was promptly booked at the Bordeaux Quay and Andy Knox, an expert in this field, was employed to manage the process. All of our employees were invited along, but the Managing Director and the General Manager were left at home in order to allow the team to talk openly and air both good and bad opinions.

The nature of our busy business has meant that taking time out of the day always feels counterproductive. But the reality is we have to do it in order to move forward in a proactive, managed way.

Highlighted Items & Improvements

Among a host of team activities and discussions our fabulous staff took the time to identify a few solutions to assist not only Bristol Digs employees but to ensure we continue to provide excellent customer service to all of our landlords and tenants.

And we thought we’d share a few with you:

  1. Bespoke Software Training – It’s unlikely that you know how we work at Digs, but one of the many ways includes a bespoke Lettings Software. The robust property management system allows us to deliver industry leading management and a higher level of service for both landlords and tenants.

Having used the system for some time, the team have identified a number of additional functions that we could use to even better our service. In order to truly make the most of our software we have arranged a specific training day for this exact purpose.

  1. Personal Development – It is important to remember that we all benefit from improved knowledge and alternative methods of working. Therefore further training has been identified as a combination of group training and improvements, individual training, personal development, and team building.
  2. Doing Our bit for the Planet – Paper reduction has always been a bit of a hot topic for us. However, this is always laid in balance with creating legal documentation which must be in hard copy form with original signatures.

 However, the team have decided to take a closer look at reducing paper, saving the planet, and speeding up our service to customers. We’ve therefore left this one in their trusty hands for the time being.  

  1. Staff Audit – Over recent years the Bristol Digs team has grown from 4 members of staff to 12. It was therefore decided that a staffing audit would be the best way forward. Why? This will enable us to take a closer look at job rolls, clearly identify everything that is done (or needs to be done) in a day/month, and who will be doing them.

We are confident that in doing so we’ll be able to improve our processes and therefore customer care services.

  1. Feedback Survey – To further improve our customer care and ensure we’re doing the best we can for tenants, we’ll shortly be conducting customer feedback. After each and every tenant has completed their rental agreement and moved into their new property they will receive a customer service feedback survey to enable us to further improve. We’ll be repeating this in December and after the first term to ensure we continue to meet their needs.

Get in Touch with Digs

If you’re a landlord looking to rent out a property, an induvial looking to rent, or would like to provide us with some feedback we’ll be happy to take your call. Simply ring us on 0117 930 8750 for more information, help, and advice.

Alternatively, you could take a look at our blog where you’ll find a host of useful posts.

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