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7 University Societies You will be Surprised to Find

7 of the UK’s Strangest University Societies

As we near the end of September already, students across the country are preparing to leave home and head to University for their first year.

With little other than lecture introductions in the first couple of weeks, your time will be dedicated solely to finding your feet as well as the closest bar.

And whilst you will naturally stick with new housemates as your explore both campus and city, don’t forget to head to the Fresher’s Fair and sign yourself up to a society or two.

With the standard football or hockey clubs making an appearance you may be surprised to discover a world of strange, intriguing, and possibly exciting societies to sign up for. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unusual groups we came across below.

Why Should I Join a Society?

If you’re not sure if you want to join a group, make sure you head to the Fresher’s Fair which is as much about how many free slices of Dominos you can get as it is finding out more about possible societies. So win, win!

The obvious benefit of joining is the social life. You’ll meet other students who share an interest with you and therefore widen your social network beyond those who you live with you in your student accommodation. In, addition there can be real gains in terms of your employability; the skills, qualities, and knowledge you can offer to prospective employers.

So whether you want to try something new, get a bit of exercise, make new friends, boost your CV or simply maintain existing hobbies there are plenty of reasons to join a society this semester.

The Weird and the Wonderful

Whilst you’ll find expected societies such as hockey, rugby, football, film, or yoga we’re sure you’ll also come across some rather unexpected groups too.

As an integral part of the university experience many simply exist for the sheer fun of it, so take a look at the below with a pinch of salt:

The 20 Minute Society, Newcastle University

Possibly the most “normal” on our list we really like the sound of this one.

Events are organised every week and are broadcast, via text, to members just 20 minutes before with a location. So you could just be settling down for the night, brushing your teeth before you’re directed to an impromptu karaoke competition.

With events such as paint balling, comedy nights and even holidays to Prague, Amsterdam and Dublin on the roster, if you like adventure this one is certainly for you!

Competitive Eating Society, University of Kent

Whilst you might immediately think “Man Vs Food” style challenges the group have stated that it isn’t quite that competitive (yes, we’re a little disappointed too).

Instead they host eating challenges at locations on campus and in town focusing on speed, spice, or quantity as well as some team events.

Previous challenges have included the Chicken Nugget Centurion, the One Metre Pizza, and the Hot Curry challenge.

Nicholas Cage Society, University of Lincoln

Another odd one here.

According to the group they “aspire to create an open, exciting, and thriving community focused around the incredibly bonding performance of the great and inspirational theatrical art of Nicholas Cage”.

Please correct us if we’re wrong, but is Nicholas Cage even that good an actor?


Hummus Society, University of London School of Economics

Yes, you read that right. A society dedicated to the love of hummus!

Founded in 2009, it is surprisingly still going strong. According to members their mission is simple; to bring hummus to the lives of others.

Other than meeting up and discussing the deliciousness of this delicacy, members make and eat the chickpea dish as well as attend hummus tasting events with over 40 types of hummus, take part in hummus cooking master-classes and even the occasional night out.


The Shelia and Her Dog Society, University of Cambridge

We were a little confused at what this society could possibly entail with the name it has taken. And we think you’ll agree its concept is definitely different – we’re thinking along horror movie lines here.

Members gather to drink hot chocolate, eat sweets and read children’s stories in the voice of a 6 year old. They even have a strict dress code of wearing dressing gowns and bringing cuddly teddy bears.

See, we told you this one was different…


Assassins’ Society, University of Durham, Cambridge, Sheffield, and Warwick

Do you enjoy living dangerously and the constant fear of being watched or followed? No us neither. But for some that is exactly what draws them to the surprisingly popular Assassins’ Society.

Members take part in games of mock assassination in which players are assigned targets to hunt down and eliminate with fake weaponry such as water pistols. Stealth and Suspicion is essential as every player is both assassin and target.

To top it off games don’t last just a couple of hours but can instead take up to four weeks.


Custard Wrestling Society, Cardiff University

We’re a bit stumped by this one and not even sure where to start.

Dedicated to wrestling in custard the sport even has proper leagues and its very own Custard Wrestling cheerleaders.

If you’re intrigued take a look at this YouTube clip of wrestling in action from Cardiff University.

More Help and Information

The above list is just a handful of possibly thousands of unusual societies across the country. If you’ve come across some that you think are worth sharing, or even belong to a few, we’d love to hear from you. Like us on the Bristol Digs Facebook page and drop us a message.

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