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7 Reasons We Love Bristol

It’s not surprising that Bristol was named best place to live in Britain in 2017. From its thriving and upbeat city centre and nightlife all the way down to its calm and quiet vibe by the harbour, it is a perfect place for nearly anyone to live.

Research shows that the better you fit into the personality of your area, the happier you are. Maybe that’s why Bristol is such a friendly place to be. However, we’ve came up with a few reasons on why we think Bristol should most definitely be your new home, particularly whilst studying.

Why Choose Bristol?

Bristol, which is also the home of Banksy, is wildly renowned for its street art culture. Many agree that pin pointing what makes Bristol special isn’t easy but here are the top seven reasons we think you should love the city just as much as we do.

  1. Festivals Season

Nothing comes close to beating the music scene in Bristol with its huge variety of festivals, gigs and music venues. We can almost guarantee that there will be an event you’ll be excited to go to in Bristol, whether that’s Love Saves the Day or the Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival.


Bristol has festivals for nearly everything. One huge that certainly and quite literally lights up the sky every year is the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.


 Have you ever heard of the pizza and prosecco festival?! Yes, that’s a thing too.


  1. For the Foodies

Bristol is jam packed – if you pardon the pun – with bizarre restaurants, markets, breweries and bars so we hope you’re hungry!


Bristol is also very proud of its whole retail yard made out of restaurant converted shipping containers for an experience you really can’t get anywhere else. Not only is it an amazing idea in the first place, but many of the restaurants also have glass fronts overlooking the waterfront.


BBC Good Food has come up with a mouth watering list of the best places to eat in Bristol for a range of different occasions. Take a look at it!


  1. The Green Capital

Bristol very proudly won the title of European Green Capital in 2015 for their strategic and bold effort to look after our planet. Thanks to all the funding gone into this, Bristol are also regular users of the Bio Bus which relies on biomethane to run.


On the eco-friendly front, Bristol was also named the first cycling city as part of a £100m government scheme aimed at encouraging cycling.


  1. Not one, but two Universities

The vibrant city attracts budding students from all over the country that want to attend either one of the two unis we have here. Both University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (or known as UWE) offer a high quality of teaching and an excellent choice of courses.


  1. Of course, the Nightlife

We challenge you to find a party goer that doesn’t love the nightlife in Bristol. You’ll never be short of discovering new bars, clubs and venues within the thriving city. And for when you do get bored of the town then don’t worry for Bristol also has a club on a boat too!


Take a look at what’s going on at the O2 Academy Bristol or see what’s going on at Thekla, the floating club!


  1. The Beach – Kind of

The position of Bristol just gets better. No need to book of time to head down to Cornwall anymore as you will never be more than one hour away from a beach.


Just down the road you have the gorgeous town of Clevedon that has its own pebbly beach, cute café’s and a newly refurbished pier. Find out more about other nearby beaches here.


  1. Shopping Spots

The thing with Bristolians is that they are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping spot. Whether you’re looking for a small pop up shop with quirky gifts or a full shopping centre all under one roof then look no further – Bristol is the place to be!


Take a wander down to the popular shopping hubs Cabot Circus or Cribs Causeway to get a real feel of the shopping scene in Bristol.

Get a Place to Stay

At Bristol Digs we are so passionate about Bristol, its educational opportunities and helping people make it their home as well.

If you’re a student looking for a property in the area, take a look round out listed places on the website or give us a call on 0117 930 8750.

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