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Stay Warm This Winter Without Touching the Heating

It’s the time of year when temperatures fall and heating bills rise! Whilst winter officially starts on the 21st December, with sub-zero temperatures affecting Bristol already, here at Digs we’re saying it’s already started!

But luckily for students and others living on a budget, there are plenty of low-cost ways to beat the chill without an increase in your energy bills – check out our top tips for staying warm this winter without touching the thermostat.

Our Top 10 Practical Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Tin foil behind the radiators – This may sound like an old wives’ tale but it actually works! This little trick works by reflecting heat back into the room as opposed to letting it escape through the walls of your house. You can buy specialist radiator fool from hardware shops such as Screwfix and Wickes but regular kitchen foil also works fine.

Cook a hearty meal with your housemates – What better way to bring the house together and keep warm than to cook a delicious hearty meal. One pot dishes such as stew, chilli con carne and casserole are super easy to make, taste delicious and will warm you right through, it’ll even give you a chance to show off your culinary skills..



Start the day right – Similarly, a hot breakfast to warm your cockles will set you up right for the day ahead. Some delicious warm breakfasts include full English, scrambled eggs, beans on toast, porridge, Weetabix with hot milk or pancakes!

Work out! – Time to get active! Exercising in your room is a great way to keep warm and burn off a few mince pies this winter. Aim to do about 15 minutes to feel the full benefit of the warmth – you can find plenty of bedroom exercises here. Better yet, join a university society and get active with a group.


Wrap up warm – Slippers, dressing gowns, onesies, gloves, fluffy socks, hats and scarves should all be on your Christmas list if you don’t have them already – you’ll thank us later!

Get smart with your energy usage – Most energy companies will now give you a smart meter for free so you can keep track of your energy usage. This won't help keep your warm per se, but will prevent you feeling blue when receiving a large unexpected energy bill.

You may recognise the following advert below that has been aired on TV promoting smart meters, more information on smart meters can be found here.


Use student facilities – So your house may not be warm, but do you know where is? The university library, café, breakout spaces and other facilities made just for students. That’s not to say you should abuse these areas, try and get some work done whilst enjoying the warmth.

Lock up – Before leaving the house, make sure all windows and doors are locked shut. Even leaving them open slightly can make your whole house drop to a similar temperature as outside.

Additionally, If you are heading back for Christmas, make sure you double check all the locks and windows when leaving to avoid coming back to a freezing home. Why not also check out our latest post with top tips for a stress-free trip home this Christmas.


Let your oven do the work  ­- Once you’ve finished cooking, leave the oven doors open whilst the oven cools down.

Shut your doors – your internal doors are there for a reason! Close them when possible to keep warm air in and cold air out. Similarly, shut your curtains at night and leave them open in the day if the sun is shining.

Digs Tip - Whilst we're all for saving some money, don't leave the heating off constantly, this can cause condensation which leads to mould growth!

Don’t Let Your Student Accommodation Leave You Feeling Blue 

We would like to wish all our readers, tenants and landlords a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! So there you have it, there’s no reason you cant keep warm this winter bumping up the thermostat.

At Digs, we make life easy for students and landlords alike, with hundreds of Bristol properties available for rent to students and young professionals. If you have any questions about our service, or require expert advice – give one of our friendly team a call on 0117 930 8759.

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