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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Student Property?

You’ve made it through Fresher’s, your first assignments, 9 am lectures, and are now well and truly settled into the routine of student life.

But, if you haven’t already it’s about time that you find and secure your rental student property for the second year of university. There are a number of considerations you’ll need to take on board both prior to and during this experience.

We’ve compiled a few of our top thoughts together to help you get started.

Student Housemates

Perhaps the most difficult decision you’re likely to make as well as one of the most important.

Rental accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes so think about how many people you want to live with; if any at all!. We offer accommodation suitable for an individual to upwards of 10 occupants; so if your friendship group is a particularly large one, it’s not a problem.


There is always something for every budget, so don’t fret.

But a good starting point is to draw up a budget plan so that you can identify how much money you can afford to pay for rent as well as any “hidden costs” from bills such as internet, TV licence and central heating. It is also important to bear in mind the initial admin costs of obtaining your property.

If you’re finding managing your money is a bit trickier than expected, take a look at our Top Budgeting Tips.


Where do you want to base yourself for the next year of university life? Near to campus or closer to town and more amenities? Or perhaps you want to surround yourself with your peers in areas with a high concentration of students?

Whatever the case take the time to think about any potential issues caused by living in the varying locations. For example will the noise from living on a busy street, crowded with pubs, distract your concentration when trying to complete a dissertation or disrupt your sleep? 

If you’re looking to save a bit on costs, it is also worthwhile looking outside of the popular student areas however you may find it harder to live other student housemates who prefer to live closer.

Find a Reputable Student Lettings Company

For ease of process and for your peace of mind it is essential that you choose a reputable and reliable property lettings company to help you on your rental journey.

We have a strong customer service ethos ensuring that we look after both our tenant’s and landlord’s best interests, at all times. In addition, we receive some fantastic feedback from landlords and tenants alike, so make sure you check out online reviews before making your decision. Keep an eye for those similar to feedback we’ve received:

“The flat was terrific and best of all was the location. I didn’t have any complications at all dealing with them and I got my deposit back fairly quickly.”

“Digs have been quick to respond to any problems that we encounter with regards to enquiries. Overall, the flat is great, and in a really handy location to get to our University.”

A Guarantor

Generally, a guarantor is required for students or individuals with low income in order to provide the landlord with a measure of financial security.

Parents, relatives, or family friends can play the role of a guarantor so long as they agree to pay the rent if you are unable to. Considering your options at this stage ensures that when it comes to signing that tenancy agreement everything is already in place and the process is a smooth one.

Don’t worry if you can’t find a guarantor there are a number of other option available to you including the use of a guarantor service. Take a look at our Guide to Guarantors to find out more.

More Help and Information

The above it just a handful of considerations you should take into account when looking for your rental property. If you’ve experienced different and have any more tips, why not share them on our  Facebook and drop us a message?

If you’re starting the process of finding your second – or indeed – third-year accommodation, get in touch with the team on 0117 930 8750 or view some of our online properties.

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