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Im a Clearing Student, but where do I live?!

Worried about missing out on your chosen university due to your grades? Don’t panic – this doesn’t mean the end of your student journey as there are still options for you to utilise and still get in. Everyone planning for University is eligible for the UCAS Clearing scheme which is a way of matching students without universities, to universities without students.

Once all those who have qualified to attend the course have accepted or declined, the Universities can then offer up the extra places to those who didn’t quite get the grades needed.

Yes it’s not the ideal way to get into University, but never the less it gets you a place on the course and gives you a chance to show them what you’re made off.

One downside however is that you may miss out on the opportunity to get into the student halls. Although this sounds bad, it could also be a blessing in disguise. Read on to find out why and your other options…

Getting a Private Property

It is common for students to opt for a private property over student halls after researching the pros and cons because they can see all the benefits they’ll reap through it. We have collated what we believe to be the top 5 advantages:

  1. Choice

Unfortunately when entering the University halls, you don’t get much choice as to the room you get assigned and the area you have to live in – basically whatever you get assigned is what you get. Depending on the type of person you are, this may cause a few discomforts like disturbed sleep through noise pollution, or travel issues if it’s not close to a bus or train station.

When choosing private property, you have the flexibility to live wherever you want whether that be in the middle of a bustling town, or peacefully somewhere by the coast (dependant on where the University is). Again this can come with array of benefits like having a quiet area to study, or only having a short walk to town when shopping is required.

For those studying in Bristol, we have properties right next to the busy city life, or some others in the stunning area of Clifton – properties to fit all.

  1. Freedom

One potentially deal-breaking downside of halls is the restrictions around having visitors and partners coming over or staying overnight. Most universities operate a pass system allowing people to stay overnight which can occasionally take a day to be accepted. Many find the privacy of this an issue and it does slightly kill the spontaneity.

With private properties, you can have partners, family or friends stay as and when you please giving you more flexibility and privacy.

  1. Shared Areas

When living in University you can be living with 6 – 10 people which means sharing living spaces, kitchens and unfortunately for some, bathrooms. This can lead to stepping on a lot of toes, messy areas and worst of all, arguments with people you just met. Not a great first impression.

In your own private place, you can choose the people you want to live with as well as having your own space.

  1. Peace & Quiet

Whilst the party life is great and the happy times are flowing, down time is equally important; particularly so when studying on nights where your friends may be going out partying. This is a huge advantage of having your own private property – being able to shut out the noise when you need to.

It can be even more beneficial for those who are studying or working during unsocial hours and need to sleep during the day. For example, nursing courses that may require night time work.

  1. Cost

Renting privately can be far cheaper but bills do tend to be exclusive. This means you can have the choice on what you are paying for. In halls, you are paying for the subsidized bus service, breakfast, broadband and all sorts of communal and general cleaning services.

Although halls are the hassle free option, you may find yourself paying for things you do not necessarily need.

Speak to the Experts

There is no need to worry about accommodation if you are a clearing student, and it could even be a blessing in disguise if student halls aren’t for you. A lot of fresher’s do rent other properties for these very reasons.

If Bristol is your chosen university, take a look at the properties we have up for rent and find one that’s perfect for you – whether that’s a studio apartment or with multiple bedrooms for you and your friends. If you need some expert advice on what to do next, give our team a call on 0117 930 8750.

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